There's an App for that.


Digital Advertising. There’s an App for that.


Provide your viewers the ability to personalize their ad content, customize the product offering, or even discover something completely different


By Jonathan Marshall   |   March 2019



Apps. Capable of anything, so we can do everything. Thinner than paper, they can take you deeper than any book. You can hold a thousand in your palm and yet they’re as light as a feather. They marked the onset of the ease-of-access revolution and it’s ready when you are.


Apps are not new, but if you wondered if there was already ‘an app for that’, there is now an App for Digital Advertising. Introducing SnappSearch; “The Ad that works like an App”. SnappSearch creative technology allows viewers to search within the Ad for whatever brand product they are interested in - without ever leaving the host site.  There’s no putting your browsing activity on hold by leaving the page, viewers can now multitask inside display advertising to explore additional real-time brand options.


Typically, Display Advertising viewers are served predetermined brand product(s) in one Ad. Perhaps there is some additional animated or dynamic element, but once displayed, no new information appears. In a split second, the user either makes a choice to engage with the Ad unit or move on and ignore it.  Now imagine the ability for every viewer to personalize the Ad content, customize the product offering, or even discover something else entirely!  Not only does SnappSearch provide the consumer a richer and more immersive experience, it instantly provokes engagement and records real-time intent with measurement accuracy. Their engagement becomes the foundation for a unique real-time user-to-brand relationship.


Did we mention it works on any device? On desktops, tablets, and mobile, SnappSearch technology becomes a portal which your audience can access more information of their choice, faster and without interruption. People like to explore and engage when they are in control and this is proven by the over three million mobile apps available for download on both Apple and Android devices, as well as our own track record for successful campaigns. SnappSearch demonstrates a reliable increase in Display Ad interaction, an insight into the mind of the consumer and a decrease in bounce rates after click-through.

Before you ask if SnappSearch can be Programmatically served and achieve these above industry results, the answer is yes. SnappSearch is already compatible with all forms of Ad serving processes. It’s true, anywhere a display ad can be, SnappSearch is there with ease-of-access and personalization. That’s why we call it “The Ad that works like an App”. Even the industry agrees by awarding SnappSearch 9 Gold Internet Advertising Competition awards for Real Estate, Automobile, Medical, Healthcare campaigns over the last 5 years. SnappSearch significantly changes the current model of online display advertising for the advertiser, consumer and publisher alike. In the place of traditional, non-relevant, untouched ads stands a range of customized, transactional, and (most importantly of all) useful real-time applications.



An estimated $95 billion is to be spent on digital advertising in the US alone in 2019, while in Europe online advertising has finally succeeded television in market value in areas such as Display, Search and Directory. The future of Display is true personalized technology, relevant content and unprecedented engagement. SnappSearch delivers.