Exactly Like Nothing Else.

SnappSearch will profoundly change the Digital Advertising landscape, bringing unprecedented efficiency in creative development, driving costs down, and paving the way for a whole new delivery model of dynamic personalization.


“I can learn all I need to know about the performance of my display banners from telemetry metrics such as

click-through rates.”


Click-through rates are not at all representative of the digital banner experience. In fact, less than 1% of people actually click on banners.

Introducing SnappSearch.

1. Using SnappSearch to engage

SnappSearch helps marketers uniquely engage consumers. Essentially, it unleashes the full potential of personalization inside HTML5 and is a technology that changes advertising for display campaigns.

What are SnappSearch ads?

SnappSearch refers to display advertising that includes features like search, real time inventory, dynamic landing pages, video, audio and other creative elements, which encourage viewers to personalize display ads. 


Why use SnappSearch in display advertising?

Using SnappSearch is a very unique way for your ads to stand out, as they are proven to personalize ads like never before. Indeed, our research shows that brands experience higher levels of engagement (16.2%) using SnappSearch ads compared to static banners.


2. Driving search with in-banner video

Adding video to SnappSearch creates a powerful addition to the creative and grabs a consumer’s attention more than static images . 


What is SnappSearch video?

SnappSearch video is a video clip of live inventory that exists within a SnappSearch searchable ad. It uses the space provided for an HTML5 banner ad to deliver search results that include inventory video and provides the viewer with the choice to click-through to a dynamic landing page with full video.

Why use in-banner video?

Display advertising viewers consume video a lot more efficiently than text. Furthermore, SnappSearch video ads perform better than static banner ads for engagement and even click-throughs.

The main reason for the use of SnappSearch is user experience. SnappSearch has evolved into powerful and proven advertising format. If a user doesn’t want to search, they scroll past it. If they do want to engage, they have the ability to perform a real time search inside the ad unit without ever leaving the page. 

3. Optimising SnappSearch for mobile devices

Optimising and tailoring SnappSearch for mobile should always a priority. Every successful display campaigns work across devices and are scheduled to take advantage of changing consumer habits.

What are mobile SnappSearch ads?

Mobile SnappSearch ads are not only optimised for mobile devices, but also allow users to search inside, just as if they were engaging with an app. They are specific sizes of responsive HTML5 banner ads that feature copy, creative elements and images tailored for mobile interactions with consumers.

Why optimise SnappSearch campaigns for mobile devices?

Use of mobile devices is growing year-on-year. Therefore, using responsive display ads, especially SnappSearch is essential to adapt to how viewers consume media.

4. Live inventory data feeds inside your searchable SnappSearch ads

Searchable live inventory inside SnappSearch help uniquely guarantee the personalization of display and make the retrieved content 100% relevant. SnappSerach offers the ability to put the creative in the hnads of consumers with your brand’s live inventory, including property listings, auto lot inventory, CPG, live offers, tickets, hotel rooms, coupons etc etc etc.

What is live inventory?

Live inventory or data feed, is essentially a connection to your live database which refreshes in real time, as your data updtaes, which in turn updates the search results inside SnappSearch. Often, display advertising feeds are XML-files, or a direct API and can contain data such as text, details in any language, numeric values, image URLs, video, audio files and links. 

Why use SnappSearch Live Inventory feeds?

Using searchable live inventory ensures that display campaigns can remain 100% personal, relevant and engaging. They uniquely control and display relevant and live inventory ad content.

What makes the use of searchable live inventory a natural for display advertising is their relative ease to integrate. From a simple one-time integration via an API or ftp xml feed to your SnappSearch creative in any IAB size, changes the search results in real time without having to retraffic or chage the creative.

Many brands – in many industries – such as Real Estate, Auto, eCommerce, Retail, Hotels, Tickets, are starting to realise the unprecedented power of using searchable inventory and is beginning to establish SnappSerach as a new format in Display.

SnappSearch searchable live inventory feeds are a unique and powerful addition to  building personalised and hyper-relevant display campaigns.


The SnappSearch concept is a simple one: Give users advertising they can use—and want to engage with—when they want to use it, all without interruption and all without ever leaving the page. This format is a perfect example of permission-based sales channels that can be personalized according to actual needs.



 Not only does SnappSearch provide the consumer a richer and more immersive experience, it instantly provokes engagement and records real-time intent with measurement accuracy. Their engagement becomes the foundation for a unique real-time user-to-brand relationship.


 SnappSearch is also gaining popularity because of three specific benefits they can offer over current online Display ads.

 Higher levels of innovation and interactivity lead to higher click through rates


Increased consumer involvement with the ad helps create a stronger relationship

and increase brand loyalty.


Greater traffic retention for host sites as viewers do not have to leave the page in order

to pursue an ad further.


  • Dramatically increases time spent on ad unit

  • Allows sampling without forcing a click through

  • Personalizes user engagement

  • Optimizes ad campaign in meaningful way

  • Qualifies the click-through

  • Deliver multiple impressions per one ad unit

  • One creative execution and infinite choices in merchandising

  • Real time, content and product-level reporting



  • Retain visitors by allowing the user to explore and engage with advertiser without  leaving the page

  • Non-interruptive high-value advertising

  • Deliver multiple impressions per one ad unit

  • Creates meaningful direct response metric (Engagement+ Searches + Views + Click-through )



  • Personalized ad content in real time

  • Non-Intrusive

  • Consumer generated ad

  • Information delivered in ad unit

  • Multi task - Remain on site to continue browsing

  • Time Saving

  • Search results are individually relevant

  • The consumer is in control of their experience with the brand 

Think Inside the Ad.


Targeting and Ad Serving SnappSearch can run on any programmatic network/platform that allow for integrations of data feeds into ads and will target prospects based on the capabilities of the ad platform. 


Soon we will be launching a very unique platform to allow the development and launch of SnappSearch Campaigns within 30 Minutes.  Our first cataegory for this exciting new product will be for Real Estate Agents.


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