SnappSearch & Digital Strategy

Your SnappSearch strategy will generally be part of a bigger picture – and we are here help you determine exactly how our piece fits into the overall puzzle. Our strategic consultants specialise in helping clients determine what role SnappSearch needs to play, and how success will be measured. We can also make sure that your SnappSearch activities integrate seamlessly into your broader strategy – taking into account things like creative, data integrations, customer data strategy, technology audits and planning for the future. With a clear strategic direction across all levels of your digital marketing plan, you can execute SnappSearch with confidence at every stage.

Creative Development


From innovative creative concepts to end-to-end campaigns, SnappSearch is here to help with creative development whenever (and however) you require. We know that no one ‘gets’ your brand better than your own team, so we take care to make the creative process a collaborative one – generating SnappSearch unique ideas that will help you generate unprecedented engagement.

Adserving & Tagging


While some businesses prefer to do this internally, we are with you all the way even if you outsource adserving and tagging . SnappSearch can help you set up and manage all your online tracking and tagging via third party providers such as Google DoubleClick, Google Analytics etc. We can streamline traffic to all your media touchpoints, ensuring that all ads are verified – and gaining a clearer idea of what’s actually working for you.

Auditing & Real Time Measurement


Not sure how well your current campaigns are working? SnappSearch can work with you to audit of all your Display Advertising processes, or we can take a look at your creative, technology or media performance. Not only can an audit help us identify your strengths and weaknesses, it can provide a benchmark from which to measure your future success. It’s also handy to see how you measure up against your competitors!

Thought Leader

… In essence you have simplified the idea of dynamic creative, making it more accessible to advertisers of all sizes and sophistication.

Darryl Singer, Ad Tech Sales 


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