Inside Out.


Turning Digital Advertising inside out.


SnappSearch is changing perceptions by creating functional and fully interactive personalized search windows, without leaving the host site.


By Jonathan Marshall   |   January 2019



Some of the best ideas that have ever surfaced have come about as a marriage of two pre-existing ideas. This is the case with the evolution of SnappSearch. It is the combination of knowledge in traditional advertising, database integration and emerging trends in online engagement.


Plagued with banner blindness, low click through rates and non- relevant ad content, online advertising is ineffective today. Display ad units have the potential to break through the clutter of online ads, overcome banner blindness, and create longer and more solid relationships between a customer and a brand.  Online advertising is seen as an annoyance and a distraction, by requiring a click away to a landing page. Most banner ads today look like modifications of pre-existing print advertisements rather than new concepts designed to engage, personalize and convert. If engagement is the new ROI and it is combined with the idea that prolonged exposure to an ad will increase the click rate, then it would make sense to create ads that held the audience’s attention, increase brand awareness and content relevance.



In fact, a landmark study by Comscore, Microsoft, and Mediamind, shows that the longer a person views a page or an ad, the higher the click through rate.  “Consumers who "dwell," or linger on ads, are more likely to convert from lookers into buyers. They not only increase the time spent with the creative piece, but conduct more brand-related searches on engines and continually return to the company's Web site”


SnappSearch is at the forefront of online marketing and it is sure to transform online display advertising, changing these perceptions by creating functional and fully interactive personalized search windows, without leaving the host site.  SnappSearch is also gaining popularity because of three specific benefits they can offer over current online Display ads.


∙ Higher levels of innovation and interactivity lead to higher click through rates


∙ Increased consumer involvement with the ad helps create a stronger relationship and increase brand loyalty.


∙ Greater traffic retention for host sites as viewers do not have to leave the page in order to pursue an ad further.


SnappSearch significantly changes the current model of online display advertising for the advertiser, consumer and publisher alike. In the place of traditional, non-relevant, untouched ads stands a range of customized, transactional, and (most importantly of all) useful real-time applications.


An estimated $95 billion is to be spent on digital advertising in the US alone in 2019, while in Europe online advertising has finally succeeded television in market value in areas such as Display, Search and Directory. The future of Display is true personalized technology, relevant content and unprecedented engagement. SnappSearch delivers.