Engagement Is the New ROI.


Imagine pulling information from an ad unit instead of being pushed irrelevant content.


By Jonathan Marshall   |   September 2018


The time has come for us to seriously rethink online display advertising. Before deciding on what this revolution should consist of, let us consider what we know. On the supply side, we know that the market for online display advertising is huge ($95 billion by 2018, according to eMarketer Outlook: 2014-2020). It’s everywhere, and it isn’t going away.   


On the demand side, we know click-through rates are low (0.05% average) and that most consumers simply ignore display ads unless they are forced to watch them. A click, for example is foolishly inadequate at the top of funnel because the campaign goal is to generate awareness. The marketing message is an important element in building awareness. If the message resonates with the individual and that user engages with the creative, then the marketing creative and the targeting have been a success!  Does online advertising engage the target audience? With current evaluation methods, it’s difficult to tell.  What’s needed is a shift in metrics for audience targeting from impressions to dwell time, increasing the effectiveness in the process.


Online display advertising is based on a consumer push model. Consumers are pushed adverts based on behavior, context, saturation and even when we are searching. Imagine if we could pull the information from an ad unit instead of being pushed content that is completely irrelevant. What do you think the likelihood of interacting or eventually transacting with this information would be? The problem lies in the Ads themselves, the banner model of advertising, or even the concept of display advertising and what it means.


The SnappSearch concept is a simple one: Give users advertising they can use—and want to engage with—when they want to use it, all without interruption and all without ever leaving the page. This format is a perfect example of permission-based sales channels that can be personalized according to actual needs. Imagine promoting all of your inventory within a single ad unit. Imagine interactive search inside rich media banners—where the content displayed is chosen by the user and not the advertiser.

  • Searching and researching within the creative without leaving the website is hugely attractive to the consumer

  • SnappSearch is not intrusive

  • SnappSearch allows users to remain where they were browsing

  • The marketer can measure time spent with the creative in real-time, increasing brand awareness and brand leverage

  • Even if no real-time lead is achieved it will have a latent effect for the brand

  • creates a site conversion, without the consumer needing to visit their site

  • SnappSearch creative is personalised by the consumer, so response / interaction is greater than other Rich Media formats  


SnappSearch significantly changes the current model of online display advertising for the advertiser, consumer and publisher alike. In the place of traditional, non-relevant, untouched ads, stands a range of customized, transactional, and (most importantly of all) useful real-time applications.


An estimated $95 billion is to be spent on digital advertising in the US alone in 2019, while in Europe online advertising has finally succeeded television in market value in areas such as Display, Search and Directory. The future of Display is true personalized technology, relevant content and unprecedented engagement. SnappSearch delivers.