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Our Story


If the Internet is so interactive and searchable, why is it that we often have to jump from page to page to find what we’re looking for? That’s the frustration that John Marshall (and probably many other web surfers ), a Stoney Creek Ontario, Canada native was experiencing and one that he has created and invented a Global Award winning application for his company Inoventiv Canada Corp


Marshall’s innovation, SnappSearch allows web users to search inside a web ad and retrieve personal results from any remote database into that same ad window in real time, without having to leave the page where the ad resides.  Picture an ad that lets you search for a hotel room and rate right in the ad space, select your room and even book the room without having to click through to the Hotel’s web site.


This concept was developed, long before ad search for real time inventory access was ever conceived.  “I was confident that this was unique, so I set out to patent the idea, but it was met with strong doubt and even ridicule from fellow marketers,” says Marshall. To validate the concept, he attended a digital media conference in New York and spoke with Kevin Ryan, previous CEO of digital ad serving giant Doubleclick, who said he could easily see it as the future of advertising. “I knew I was onto something promising!” continued Marshall


Marshall’s value proposition is simple; Digital Display advertising is one of the fastest growing areas of all advertising ($95 Billion Globally in 2019) and corporations, large and small spend significant money on flashy creative web ads in an attempt to draw customers to their brand or product, but in reality hardly anyone actually clicks on them. SnappSearch reinvents the way people view and interact with digital ads, by allowing the user to control the creative and the content of an ad, in real time, thereby personalising the ad for each and every user. This process actually qualifies the user inside engaging micro search windows.


“Our SnappSearch ads reinvent the current model of online display advertising for the marketer, consumer and publisher alike,” explains Marshall. “In the place of traditional untouched ads, we’re introducing a range of customized, transactional and - most importantly - useful applications.”


It’s a win-win-win; Users are able to perform personal searches quickly and effectively without leaving a web page, marketers receive real-time insight into the preferences of each and every user and the Publisher keeps the eyeballs on their site.


Though John Marshall operates Inoventiv out of an office here in Stoney Creek, he’s secured big name clients around the world, including Halstead Properties New York, Christies Real Estate Worldwide, Brown Harris Stevens LLC New York, Sothebys International Realty etc.


Marshall’s efforts were rewarded in 2012, when he received a Canadian Patent and in 2015 when the USPTO (United States Patent Office) granted him with 3 US Patents. The company has also been awarded 13 IAC Global Gold Medals, by the Web Marketing Association and a coveted OMMA Gold Award in 2018.

John Marshall

Founder and CEO

Having begun his career as an Art Director in Europe and Canada, John has been a force in advertising for over 40 years, working on some well know brands such as McDonalds, Xerox, Budget Rent-A-Car etc. In 1979, he started his own advertising company which became the first agency dedicated to computer technology in Canada and the US, and attracted  some notable clients including ATI Technologies Inc., Samsung, Canon, Harlequin (UK),  Hummingbird, Simware etc.  


The Computer Agency worked closely with the technology division of External Affairs Canada and its reputation spread across the US and launched many other clients at Comdex ( North America’s largest Computer Show) for 14 years running. Every campaign was built on John Marshall’s principle that the function of advertising is to sell and that successful advertising for any product, traditional or digital is based on information about its consumer. He has always disliked advertisements that have had no creative voice and believed a customer should be treated as intelligent.


Not only is John the Inventor and Patent Holder of SnappSearch, his technology has won 13 IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) and a prestigious 2018 OMMA Award in New York, for some very well-known brands, such as Brown Harris Stevens( New York), Halstead Property ( New York ), Drive Auto, Sothebys US/Canada, Christies International Real Estate, Glenmore Audi, Coflex, O’Reagans (Nova Scotia), BNY Mellon Bank, Northern Trust.

Matt Phillips

Director of Technology

  • ​Works with various JavaScript tools/technologies/frameworks…

  • Continuously refactor and optimize the system to improve the efficiency and quality of the development cycles

  • Works with micro-services teams on RESTful API designs - assist with future scripted API’s and websocket investigations

  • UI Designer on artistic digital design and provide animations, CSS, and final HTML output

  • Collaborate with design and development teams to develop innovative ways to deliver optimized content based on the user’s persona

  • Design and develop features for an industry leading Workload Automation product using modern front-end technologies

  • Strong working knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks